Design and organization; these two concepts drive the innovation behind Taplika browsing.

When you first create your Taplika account you will be greeted by the homepage. This will be your launch pad to explore new sites and revisit your old favorites.

How to Navigate the Homepage

The Taplika homepage is designed to be intuitive and easy to organize. After you download our software, we will automatically create your first group of favorite’s ‘tabs’. These tabs will fall under the umbrella ‘Most Visited’ category. Aside from this primary organization, Taplika will also update this list as you continue to surf the web.

The second page Taplika generates on your behalf is the ‘Recommended’ group. Here you can find many of most popular sites on the web. As with all the tabs, just one click on you’re there. No more typing lengthy URLs or trying to keep track of interesting websites by memory.

We have taken the antiquated concept of ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favorites’ and turned it into a manageable web navigation tool. Before Taplika users would save cool websites into folders that they never accessed a second time. Although these old systems were helpful in theory, in practice they did not make useful tools.

Now when you are on your homepage and you want to add websites and services to your online collection, simply press the ‘plus’ sign that indicates where you can ‘Add [an] Item’. Paste the URL into the box, and then go ahead and customize the tab. Here you have the freedom to change the colors, adjust the logo that appears in the tab, give it a title, and place the site in it’s proper category. You can go back to edit your selections at any time by selecting the pencil symbol that appears when you hover over the tab.

When it’s finally time to navigate away from your homepage, you can add more sites to your homepage on the fly. All you have to do is click on the Taplika logo that is sitting on the far right side of the URL box. A customize box will pop up and give you the same options as when you add a new site to the homepage. Here you can sort out the appearance and placement, all of which you can change later.

Taplika is Your New Home

Not only can Taplika organize your windows, it can be a fully operational browser tailored to you specifically. After installing our app, be sure to try out the Taplika browser. After you spend some time on our browser, we can help recommend offers and services with a personal touch. This way you see products that are more relevant to you.

Keeping You Updated

As with all aspects of Taplika, your homepage is a blank slate just waiting for your input. If you don’t like the default background of your homepage, you can change it in a snap. Or if you aren’t gelling with the arrangement and display of your tabs, simply drag and drop your tabs until it feels like home.

You can also add new website categories as easily as you can add a new tab. Go to the bar on the top of the homepage and select ‘new category’. You will see your new category on the list at the upper-left corner of your homepage, and the quick selection box that appears when you add a website from outside the homepage.

But we also decided to include some helpful features that any browser worth its weight should display. We put in a small box on the upper part of your home page that updates with basic information like the weather, the time, and the date.

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